Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tangent #9: The Effects of Masturbation on Your Sex Life

Hey, I almost was able to get 2 posts out within the span of a week! Aren't you all proud of me!??

Alright, so it's been a while since we had a nice little tangent post. What do you say we explore another sexual topic outside of our main storyline?

Today's topic is masturbation. Specifically, the pros and cons of masturbation as related to the quality of your sex life (I know, I'm just into pros and cons lists for some reason). In the interests of quality research, I polled a sample of male and female friends of mine (about 10 each), and asked them the following questions:

1. How often do you masturbate?
2. Do you have more satisfying orgasms when masturbating or having sex?
3. Do you enjoy sex more when you have recently masturbated more or less?
4. Do you masturbate significantly more often when single, as opposed to when in a relationship?
5. Do you openly discuss your masturbation habits with your partners?

Before we get to the answers given by my sample, here are my answers: 1. 3-4 times per week  2. When Masturbating 3. More 4. No  5. Generally No

My sample's answers, divided by gender:

1. Men: Average of 3.3 times per week; Women: Average of 2.4 times per week (closer than I thought)
2. Men: 6/10 had better orgasms masturbating, 4/10 having sex; Women: 8/10 better orgasms masturbating, 2/10 having sex (damn guys, we need to step it up!)
3. Men: 7/10 enjoyed sex more after recent masturbation; Women: 3/10 enjoyed sex more after recent masturbation ( theory: men struggle more sexually when too aroused, opposite for women)
4. Men: 9/10 masturbate more when single; Women: 6/10 masturbate more when single (hmmmm...)
5. Men: 6/10 don't discuss masturbation habits with partners; Women: 8/10 don't discuss masturbation habits with partners (hmmmmm again! people feel threatened by thinking of their partners masturbating? )

So there you have it. Relatively small sample, I know. But intriguing results. More on this topic to come....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Encounter #12: Two Women, One Day

(Blogger's note: I know, I lied. It's been a rough couple of months, what can I say??)

I had 'met' (i.e. exchanged emails) two different women on Craig's List. One had responded to a post I wrote, and one (amazingly) had written a post of her own that I responded to. And she wasn't spam!! A rarity in the world of CL, my friends.

Gina and Diane. Both were available only on Saturday of that week. I could have put off one of them to the following week, I suppose. But who the hell wants to wait?? So for the very first time, I did it.....dates with two CL women on the same day.

I tried to at least space them out. Not that I'm an old man or anything, but I can't exactly cum a million times a day like back in the teenage years (ah, the memories). So I wanted to allot as many hours of recovery time as I could. Gina was the evening date, and I didn't want to embarrass myself!

I met Diane for lunch. Afterward, we made our way to a local hotel and had great sex. A little too great....she wanted a round two after we had finished! God damn it, why do round two's only come around at times like these?? I couldn't exactly tell her that I had to save myself for my next date a few hours later, so what could I do? Yes, round two occurred.

After leaving Diane, I was nervous. Guys, you know that feeling you get after have multiple rounds of sex? Like, feeling all good and relieved, but kinda done for the time being? That was how I felt. How was I going to have adequate sex with Gina??? Should I cancel with her and just reschedule? Fuck it, I decided to just give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? I suck, and she doesn't want to see me again. Oh well, there would be other proverbial fish in the sea.

No food with Gina, she just wanted to meet in the hotel room (damn, dinner would have bought me some more recovery time). I wasn't feeling quite as done as I was earlier, but I didn't exactly have a raging hard-on either. What helped was that Gina was gorgeous. Blonde, curvy, amazing smile. And very sensual. And luckily, very into foreplay. We made out, and slowly explored each other's bodies. I spent alot of extra time going down on rationale being that if I had any performance issues, that at least I could hang my hat on having given her a couple nice orgasms with my tongue. Then she started going down on me. I was fighting off some nerves and intrusive thoughts (thinking during sex is BAD), but the blowjob went well. Again, not super hard, but adequate.

Now would be the true test. As the condom went on, the nerves rose again. Nothing kills a mediocre erection faster than a tight condom. So, my plan was to get it on and get in as quickly as possible. The more lingering, the more chance for issues. I put it on, jumped on her, and put myself inside. Starting fucking her hard and fast. She was one of those types who kind of moans throughout so you can't really tell when they're cumming exactly (see one of my previous posts), so I reached a point where I didn't want to risk going any further. And I came. She might have too, who knows. Overall, I think it was a respectable effort on my part considering.

So yes, I had sex with two CL women on the same day. It hasn't happened since, but I'll always have that memory. Wish I hadn't allowed it to stress me out so much so I could have relaxed and enjoyed myself a little more, but what can you do. In the end, it worked out pretty damn nicely.

By the way, I never saw Diane again, but did have more fun with Gina......

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Women in One Day

At long last, a prelude to our next encounter.....

Going into this whole Craig's List conquest, I had a few primary goals. The first, of course, was to have as many fun, no strings attached encounters as possible and create some nice memories. After that, my other biggest goal was to fulfill as many of my own personal sexual fantasies as possible. I think every guy has their own little bucket list of sexual fantasies that they want to indulge in while they can, and I am certainly no different. Most of these fantasies are things that most guys share.....threesomes, semi-dangerous public sex, etc. All good stuff.

I share these fantasies, as well as several others. One of these others is the idea of having sex with two different women on the same day.

Difficult to achieve? Definitely. Particularly when you are single. Probably the most realistic way for people to achieve this is when you are in the course of a relationship/marriage, and then have another encounter on the side on the same day you have sex with your significant other. So it really only entails seeking out one other person. The challenge when you're single is finding TWO separate people. And not just fining two separate people, but two people who are willing to fuck you on the same day! Not easy, my friends. It takes careful planning, both as far as scheduling the encounters, and proactively ensuring that you are 'ready' for both encounters (the fantasy could fast become a nightmare if you are not recovered enough for encounter #2).

So, why do I speak of this as if I have some first-hand knowledge of the situation? Well, do you really need to ask? Details to come.......

When Life Interferes....

So, clearly I lied in my last post. Not intentionally, of course. I truly expected to get right back in the groove of cranking out two posts per week. But alas, life interferes again. Nothing terrible or traumatic (or exciting, unfortunately), just long work hours, physical and mental exhaustion, and the lack of time and mental energy to write. It's interesting, being a relatively new blogger, I always figured that no matter what else was going on in life, there would always be the time and motivation to write. It really seemed like such a low-maintenance hobby. But I underestimated how the desire to write (or at least to write solid, non-half-assed posts) can definitely be diminished by mental fatigue from other aspects of life. Well, lesson learned!

I'd like to promise that there will be no more long posting droughts like this again, but obviously it would be silly to make such promises. For now, I'll just say that I will try my best! Thing are slowing down now, so hopefully there should at least be some improvement in the short term.

Thanks for your post is coming shortly (I promise!)